Handing out bunches of smiles with Petal It Forward

Hitting the Streets of Monterey to Hand out Flower Bouquets in the National Petal it Forward Program

Last month the team at KB Farms participated in Petal it Forward! We were excited to partner with florist and flower farms around the country to give out bouquets to unsuspecting people throughout the country. Our team hit the pavement, along with the folks from Sakata Seed America and Floralife. While countless other groups were at work across the country, we were doing our part in Monterey, California to give out two bouquets to people around town. Each person received one bouquet to keep for themselves and another bouquet to pass along to someone else; taking the “pay it forward” and going floral with it!

Soldier and his family receiving their bouquets

Petal it Forward is a fantastic program, and we are proud to be a part of it: we believe in the power of locally grown flowers and their ability to brighten a day in an instant. This is one of the reasons that we do what we do! The KB Family takes special care to grow beautiful flowers all year round that bring countless smiles to our customers and their customers. Petal it Forward is an excellent example of the power of flowers to share smiles!

A few surprised Monterey Locals

There was no shortage of smiles in Monterey and around the country on October 24th. There is something special about being able to share a smile with someone. We even met the friendly neighborhood Spider-man and could tell that he was smiling even though his identity was hidden behind his mask!


The people receiving the flowers weren’t the only ones smiling though, joy was evident on the faces of all of the team members handing out the arrangements. We can’t help but think about how this is one of many growing examples of the cut flower industry and its affinity towards coming together, supporting one another, and its communities.

Robert Kitayama giving flowers to unsuspecting diners!

"“I do believe we left an impression on Monterey today” "

— Robert Kitayama, President of Kitayama Brothers Inc.
Farai Madziva surprising someone out on a run

Our teams didn’t just stick to the streets of Monterey, we took the show indoors to spread some joy with retirees at Carmelo Retirement home. This really highlighted how a small surprise can bring a big smile to someone’s face. It was a special thing to see the effect a bouquet of flowers along with knowing that someone was thinking of them had on the people in the retirement home.

Some happy gals at the retirement home

We hope that the people across the country who participated in giving out flowers and those that received them carried the energy created by Petal it Forward further into their communities. The KB Farms Family will undoubtedly carry this spirit on into the rest of the year making sure that flowers are available all year so that our customers can spread joy on to their customers. Our Tradition is Growing, and that growing our relationships with our partners, customers, and communities.

A big hug!

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