Farai Madziva joins CCFC Promotions Committee

January 8th, 2019

KB Farms is proud to announce that Farai Madziva, our vice president of sales and chief of staff, has joined the California Cut Flowers Commission’s (CCFC) Promotion’s Committee. Farai has had a well-traveled career that has allowed him to see the world of cut flowers around the globe in Kenya, Holland, the UK and for the last two years, here in California.

CCFC Promotion Committee Chair Bruce Brady with Farai Madziva of Kitayama Brothers during CCFC’s Annual Awards Dinner.

The California Cut Flower Commission represents a unified effort by farmers to enhance the performance of the California cut flower and foliage industry.

Since joining Kitayama Brothers in 2016, Farai has truly embodied the mission of the CCFC in his work streamlining and modernizing KB Farms. Farai continues to study the markets for individual varieties, ensuring that KB Farms is able to fill gaps in the market helping customers get the right flowers at the right times.

In addition to keeping KB Farms cutting edge in the greenhouse, Farai has also undertaken the task of bolstering KB’s marketing. He has helped illuminate KB’s brand as an exemplary representation of what the California Cut Flower Industry has to offer; a huge variety of sustainably grown and sourced flowers available year-round makes both KB Farms and California as a whole, standouts in the cut flower industry.

Check out the CCFC’s announcement:

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