A Note To Our Customers

Delayed Effects of the COVID-19 Shutdown
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Dear KB Farms Customers,

When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, we were right in the middle of some of our fullest production levels of the year. Many of you may have heard that we had to dump most of our flowers during this time as everything quickly shut down. Our crops are forecasted a year in advance and planted 3-4 months before their full production levels.

Due to the uncertainty of the crisis and a reduction in our staff to only those that were essential, we had to cut our forecasted production significantly. These measures were necessary to ensure that we could avoid any further unnecessary dumping and keep our staff safe while operating at the required minimum amount.

We have since stabilized our operations and have learned how to continue operating with more normalized production and heightened safety. Unfortunately, because of this, the production of many of our KB Grown products are just now feeling the effects of the shutdown and reduction in planting that occurred in March.

For the next four to five weeks, our supply of many KB Grown products such as Oriental and Asiatic lilies will be significantly lower than normal. Our staff will be working hard to do the best they can with the available production, to fill your orders. Without doubt, many orders will not be filled but our staff will communicate as soon as they are aware of any shortages. We will try to source from other growers, but most are in a similar position as ourselves. Quality may also vary from what you are used to. Our Quality Control team will continue to be stringent to ensure only good quality flowers are sent your way.  

More than ever, it will be crucial that orders are placed well in advance so that our buyers have time to try and find as much product as they can to fill as many orders as possible.

After these four to five weeks, we expect that we will be back to our regular production levels with plenty of product to fill our customers’ needs.

We appreciate our customers’ and their loyalty that has kept us growing our favorite flowers since 1948 and through this pandemic.


KB Farms

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