Oriental Lilies

A great Addition to Valentine's Day
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Oriental Lilies are just what you need to round out your Valentine's Day Orders!

The Valentine's Day rush is just about in full swing! Many customers pre-order their Valentine's Day flowers so that they can be sure they will have what they need when things start to get busy, but even if you did pre-order, there is a good chance you find yourself needing more inventory in the weeks leading up to V-Day. (If you didn't pre-order this year, mark late December 2020 on your calendar for next year’s pre-orders to open).

Winter Production

The winter months tend to lead to low volumes for many varieties around the country like gerberas, ranunculus, calla lilies, and lisianthus. Tried-and-true all year-round are oriental lilies, which we keep in full production all year because of our coastal greenhouse growing combined with a few decades of expertise.

Traditional Roses

Roses are a traditional classic for Valentine's Day, of course, and we have them available, but they are one of the few varieties we have to source from outside of the United States. Our priority is to bring you the best American Grown flowers for your customers; if you are looking to get creative with your valentine's day offers and still need more flowers, you can't go wrong with Oriental Lilies.

Featured Orinetal Varieties

Pink, white, and starfighters are our featured varieties this week; their incredible fragrance and large blooms are the perfect addition to Valentine's Day gifts. In addition to being great for arrangements, the complexities of oriental lilies mean that they can stand alone in a vase of various colors. Long stems, big blooms, and enticing fragrance will leave a lasting impression of the love they represent as a gift on Valentine's Day.

Starfighters: Bold, Elegant and Fragrant

Compared to other lilies, starfighters have larger flowers and shorter stems.

Fun fact: starfighters are no longer produced in significant quantities outside the United States; this makes it a uniquely American beauty (remember #originmatters).

Crystal Blanca Lilies:

Slightly lighter fragrance and sturdier stems hold up the more substantial blossoms compared to its traditional counterpart, the casa Blanca variety.

Sorbonne Lilies:

Large open-faces make these soft pink fragrant flowers show stoppers, and that is all before you get to the ruffled edges, pink speckles, and sturdy stems.

Additional Oriental Lily Varieties Available are:

Tabledance (pink), Zambesi (white), Premium Blond (white), and Yelloween (yellow).

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