gerbera field

Gerbera Daisy Plant Care Tips

We made this guide to help you care for your Gerbera Daisy plants! Since our plants are grown using hydroponics, they require some extra care to help them transition to a new home.

Immediately after bringing your Gerbera Daisy plant home:

  • Remove old, brown leaves and any weeds in the pot.
  • The original potting medium (coco coir) will not provide enough nutrients to the plant. Repot into a slightly larger pot with nutrient-rich and well-draining potting soil OR plant in raised bed or ground. 
  • Space plants about two feet apart if planted in raised bed or ground.
  • Gerbera Daisy plants need to be watched more closely while their roots establish. Initially, they may need to be shaded from direct sunlight and protected from wind.
  • Water frequently to help plant transition away from hydroponic growing (extra water is required on hot days).

Long-term care tips:

  • We don't recommend adding too much compost into the soil.
  • Weed around the plants frequently, and remove old flowers and leaves to promote new growth.
  • Gophers may be a problem if you choose to plant in the ground, but Gerbera Daisies are not usually a gopher’s first choice for a meal.
  • Note: Plants may not produce as many flowers as they do in our greenhouses. They also may die back in the winter, but they will come back in the spring.