California Grown Flowers

KB Mixed Boxes

We are excited to announce a new way to order your favorite KB Farms products and discover new favorites, mixed Boxes from KB Farms! These boxes are perfect for when you don't need to order in very large quantities or you want to try out something new from our greenhouses. These photos may not exactly represent what will be in the mixed boxes, we will be updating them to more accurately display each specific box as soon as possible. We wanted share these new product categories as quickly as possible. Talk to your sales reps about having these shipped direct to your customers. Our mixed boxes are available as small as a quarter box.

KB Grown Flowers

KB Farms has been growing quality cut flowers in California since 1948; we are on a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality cut flowers in a wide range of varieties. The mild climate and over a million square feet of greenhouses on California's Monterey Bay, just south of San Francisco, allows us to grow counter-seasonal varieties and specialty flowers that are difficult to find in the winter. Many of the flowers that are typically grown outside can be sourced from our greenhouses year-round.

Today, we grow twelve different kinds of flowers in over a hundred different varieties, most of which are available all year long. What we cannot grow, we source locally and import when necessary.

Locally Grown Flowers

Boutique Growers

Not only do we grow many staple counter seasonal flowers, we also source roughly 80 different kinds of flowers, herbs, fillers, greens and branches from other smaller local growers right here in the Santa Cruz area. We have established close working relationships with these small local farms ensuring our coolers are filled with quality California grown floral products. Our buyers keep a keen eye on the quality of our locally sourced products so that you can be confident you are getting the best American grown products. Browse some of our locally sourced products by category below, and give us a call or email to get an order started.





Imported Flowers

Internationally Sourced

We are proud of the abundance of our products that are locally grown and sourced right here in Santa Cruz County because supporting local growers is one of our highest priorities. Our number one priority is delivering the highest quality cut floral products our customers. This means that for some products we have to look outside of the United States to growers that specialize in specific varieties that are difficult to grow at scale here in the U.S. Take a look at our selection of imported product below. Give us a call or email to get an order started.